Our Story

Working in harmony with guests and visiting presenters, we promote regained or sustained health and wellness through various natural modalities.

Upcoming Events

Keeping constant coordination with other holistic professionals in the area, the Natural Health Cabin is able to host a wealth of educational events. Everyone is welcome! 

Products & Services

Essential Oils, Hydro-Colonic Sessions, and Quantum Physics healing are only a few modalities that the Natural Health Cabin offers to get your health on the right track.

Welcome to the

Natural Health Cabin

The cabin doors opened in 2012. Life training has instilled in me health is more than 3 dimensional. My journey has revealed all the best health practices in the health related field. 

Essential oils

Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils found in plants. They can be used in numerous ways to assist you in everyday life. Sanitizing, kicking colds, along with fighting muscle and joint aches and pains are just scratching the surface of the millions of proven ways essential oils can help you.

Natural Cleaning

Reading the labels of your cleaners is just as important as reading the labels of the things going inside of you and your family’s bodies. Sandy always says, “Your skin is your largest organ. The products you put against it need to be as clean and healthy as the things you give to all of your other organs!

infant products

Babies are born into this world PERFECT. These products were made to keep their skin, immune system, and entire little bodies that way. Keeping them just as happy and safe outside of the womb as they were on the inside

I will be there with you every step of the way. Suffering a serious health issue or if you just want guidance in living a healthier, more energized lifestyle. I will be your personal empowerment coach every step of the way! I know that a health journey can be tough, so don’t do it alone. 

- Sandy Klott