Natural Health Cabin

Meet Our Guests

The cabin doors opened in 2012. Life training has instilled in me health is more than 3 dimensional. My journey has revealed all the best health practices in the health related field. 

Quantum Physicist

Dan Nelson
  • Wayback Water

Natural Health Rejuvenast

Lashell Meidinger
  • Dark Field Microscopy

International Speaker

Ron Schneider
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Designer of "plant-based" enzymes

International Instructor

Cathy Shea
  • International Instructor for Colon Hydro Therapy

CRUNCHI advocate

Debra Gentry
  • Nutrition for your face
New Guest

Health Coach

Amanda LaPlante
  • MA, INHC (Integrative Nutrition Health Coach)
New Guest

I will be there with you every step of the way. Suffering a serious health issue or if you just want guidance in living a healthier, more energized lifestyle. I will be your personal empowerment coach every step of the way! I know that a health journey can be tough, so don’t do it alone. 

- Sandy Klott